Area Roads are Seeing Speed Increases 08 Feb 17

Speed limits are increasing on some North-west Minnesota roads.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation,

-         Highway 113, the Mahnomen / Norman County line to highway 32,

-         Highway200, the Mahnomen / Norman County line to North Dakota,

-         Highway 92 from Bagley to Red Lake Falls,

-         Highway 220, highway 11 near Drayton to Climax, and

-         Highway 317, highway 220 to North Dakota, will see increases from 55 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour.

According to Public Affairs Coordinator TJ Melcher, with the DOT District 2 in Bemidji, the increase is based on State proposed traffic and engineering studies of each location that began in 2014.

The speed change began February 1st, but does not take effect until new signs are posted. Drivers should obey all current speed signs, including those signs posted lower than 55 miles per hour on sections of the aforementioned highways.