City Council Chooses Splash Park Location 22 Feb 17

“Bring back the beach!”

The comment this week from Alderman Josh Hagen as the Thief River Falls City Council approved Tindolph Beach at Bill LaFave Park as the location of a proposed Community Splash Park. Hagen says the new facility is an opportunity to return the long diminished park to its former glory days.

The city swimming beach was the popular choice of an on-line survey but it was clear Tuesday night it was not everybody’s first choice, as the Council also discussed the drawback of goose waste that has ruined enjoyment of the park in seasons past and the merits of Northrop Park, the lone park in Thief River Falls Ward #2.

By consensus, it turned out Tindolph Beach was everyone’s second favorite, with ample parking and some available infrastructure, in a neighborhood already acclimated to beach traffic and activity. For Community Committee Members, Mitch Stevens, Tom Kalinowski and Jessica Muller, it was just great to get the project underway.

When complete, the Splash Park will be three thousand square feet, twice the size of the recently completed facility in Crookston, to be paid for with hopeful application to the Department of Natural Resources for a matching funds Outdoor Recreation Grant, leaving around $144,000 in fundraising on the $287,000 project.

Initially the Splash Park will access treated city water at a summer time temperature of around 60 degrees, a low pressure system that will not require pumps, with run-off from the play area into the city storm water system.