Kittson County Commissioners Oppose State Buffer Law 20 Mar 17

Even as State Officials said last week three-quarters of Minnesota counties are making significant progress toward complying with new Buffer Laws there is a move at the state legislature to push back deadlines with Governor Mark Dayton determined not to budge.

In comments to the media last week Dayton said, “No!” to any more concessions concerning the legislation passed last year.

The governor, however, is not the only one saying “No!”

This month Kittson County Commissioners gave a unanimous “No way!” as they passed a resolution opposing the new law over concern for land-owner rights – urging the State Legislature to overturn or modify current law requiring Buffer Strips adjacent to public waters effective this November and adjacent to public ditches by November 2018.

Surrounding counties have passed similar resolutions; calling the buffers arbitrary and lacking common sense with no proof that they would actually improve water quality.