Another Closed Session for City Council 03 Apr 17

The Thief River Falls City Council will meet in closed session tonight, to try to resolve, for the second time, the potential sale of the City Municipal Services Building to Digi-Key as part of the effort to secure a Multi-million dollar expansion of the company in Thief River Falls.

The matter was tabled following a closed session last month pending commercial appraisal of the property, just west and adjacent to Digi-Key on Barzen Avenue in the Gilbert Industrial Park.

The Municipal Services Center is the home of the City Electric Department and was purchased from Torque Manufacturing for “a dollar and other considerations” in 1983. On the books the property has a depreciated value of a half million dollars for the building / $50,000 for the land, with the Pennington County Assessor’s Office placing insured value – the cost of replacement at $4.78 million.

Timelines are tight, Digi-Key proposes acquisition and clearing the property before July 31st to allow parking lot relocation ahead of the 100 million square foot expansion. Meanwhile, state enhancements to secure the expansion did find their way into funding measures ahead of last week’s House and Senate deadlines, with an update tomorrow when Mayor Brian Holmer is our guest on River Currents.

Also on the agenda tonight, the sale of $5.5 million in Water Revenue Bonds to fund the relocation of City Lime Sludge Ponds and Water Facility Upgrades and the latest word on Employee Performance Evaluations from City Administrator, Rodney Otterness.