City Moves Forward with Millions Tax Increment Financing 19 Apr 17

The Thief River Falls City Council last night moved forward with millions in tax increment financing as city leaders continue efforts to secure a huge expansion of Digi Key in Thief River Falls.

The Council approved an Economic Development TIF District and up to $9 million in Tax Increment Financing over the next 9 years to support construction infrastructure for the proposed 100 million square foot expansion, with Mayor Brian Holmer in the Twin Cities today to continue to push for state incentives now in House and Senate Conference Committees.

Vice President Rick Trontvet says Digi Key is happy with the support they’re getting from City Leaders and will accompany Mayor Holmer at the capitol today.

TIF Incentives were almost the only point of consensus at last night’s council meeting with heated clashes and two tied-vote-stalemates, including a resolution that went down in flames over customer service concerns at City Hall, and now appears to undo Summer Hours in departments that traditionally depend on the change to match the needs of summer contractors.

There was more heat and more accusations over a resolution to gauge interest and costs related to contracting some summer grass mowing, traditionally the responsibility of the City Park and Rec Department. You can see it all for yourself, when last night’s city council meeting is rebroadcast tonight, in living color, beginning at 8pm on Sjoberg’s Cable Channel #13.