Digi-Key Incentives Caught Up in Budget Stalemate 10 May 17

It looks like it’s going to be a nail-bitter ..

With millions from the Minnesota Investment Fund, more from the Greater Minnesota Business Development Program and a State Sales Tax Exemption on the table – all eyes are on St. Paul where local lawmakers are struggling to bring home a package of incentives to guarantee Thief River Falls, which has been the “preferred site” for a huge expansion at DigiKey.

Thief River Falls Mayor Brian Holmer returns to St. Paul tomorrow to continue to push for the project, even as North Dakota officials upped-the-anti, with a visit to Thief River Falls yesterday.

As far as the status of the project, a News Room check with area representatives in St. Paul  Tuesday showed incentives in House File #2183, sponsored by Representative Dan Fabian remain intact, along with companion legislation in the Senate offered by Senator Mark Johnson. Incentives made it through conference committee into respective omnibus bills, and funding is expected to remain secure right to the Governor’s Desk – and that is where the good news appears to become tenuous.

In an interview with our News Room Tuesday, Freshman Senator Mark Johnson says the governor and lawmakers are so far apart when it comes to the over-all State Budget that Johnson is anticipating a Gubernatorial Veto of all spending measures.

We did get a different view from Veteran House Representative Dan Fabian, who said, “with 13 days to the end of the session I believe and am optimistic we will get our work done.”

Whether the work is done or not, law makers must adjourn – by Constitutional Deadline – at midnight May 22nd.