New Technology Puts Search Warrants on a Fast Track 12 May 17

They are one of the first in the Region to use the new technology.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department in Warren, on a fast track to get search warrants, with the announcement this week from the State Department of Public Safety that the transition to eSearch Warrant is now complete. 

Sheriff Jason Boman says – in the past – officers who need to secure evidence after hours; at the scene of a fatality or a breaking investigation, have had to wake or find a judicial officer to review and sign a search warrant. The process had become especially difficult for both officers and the courts in the wake of new restrictions recently placed on crime evidence – like blood tests – by the US and State Supreme Courts.

Sheriff Boman says the new process allows them to quickly find a judicial officer from already available technology – without even leaving their squad vehicle – regardless of the time of day.

Boman says their first test of the e-Warrant process was for permission from District Judge Eric Schieferdecker to issue a search warrant to gather evidence from a personal cell phone.