Public Comment on New Red Lake River Bridge 12 May 17

Pennington County’s Five Year Plan for Roads and Bridges went before the public with a hearing this week at the County Court House in Thief River Falls.

County Correspondent Dave Burns says the sparsely attended meeting took place in the County Board room before the regular meeting of Pennington County Commissioners Tuesday.

The plan mostly outlined mill and overlay projects. Shoulder paving and crack sealing, considered necessary, yearly “rehab” for roads, but meeting attendants were more concerned about a proposed bridge project over the Red Lake River on Thief River Falls South Side, slated for 2021

County Engineer Mike Flaagan says the idea has been kicked around since before the Highway #32 truck by-pass project of the late nineties, but says city growth, business expansion, and traffic concerns have given the idea new momentum.

Residents at the public hearing who live along Mark Boulevard had questions about bridge location, and property value. They say they do not want the increased traffic a new bridge would bring. Flaagan says that is just one of the many facets that will have to be considered before the idea can become a reality.

As far as the 2017 road construction season goes, Flaagan says we can expect to see crews working within a month.

Dave Burns,