Downtown Design Workshop Thursday 19 Jun 17

Think of it as a “fresh start” – a self-titled, “New Beginning.”

The brain-child of the Thief River Falls Downtown Development Association, with funding from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, the Northwest Regional Partnership and the University of Minnesota – proponents this week will roll out the beginnings of an innovative master plan for Downtown Thief River Falls ..

Ryan Walseth, with the DDA, says a combination of grants have come together to put “new eyes” on a plan for the downtown, with University staff and a graduate student in design and sustainable development; facilitating a community workshop from 6:30 to 8pm Thursday at The Carnegie; on Library Corner / First and Main.

The goal is to create a unified, welcoming environment with several priorities, including; greenery, storefront updates, new light poles and signage.

Funded entirely through grants, the expertise comes at no cost to the City of Thief River Falls.