Few Stores Taking on Sunday Liquor 30 Jun 17

With new Sunday Off-Sale Laws effective this Sunday, we checked with Pennington County Liquor Providers to see who would be open and who would not…

The only taker, a skeptical Becky Carlson, owner/manager of Broadway Station in St. Hilaire, the former city owned liquor store, who says the off-sale will be open this Sunday.

At the City Owned Goodridge Liquor Store, they say simply, no Sunday Hours during the summer months, only during the football season.

At Falls Liquor, the City Owned Municipal in Thief River Falls – Manager Steve Olson says they’re assessing the economics of opening but are taking no action “right now.”

Everyone we talked with had many of the same concerns. Off-Sale Liquor already works long hours, 14 hour days, six days a week, with a customer base that has become used to those hours, with a sense that Sunday’s should continue to be a day off for families.

Olson also cited an additional concern for city owned facilities that could take business away from private enterprise, who have enjoyed a monopoly on Sunday sales of 3.2% beer.

But something of a shout out today to the entrepreneurial spirit at Broadway Station – adding staff at least this weekend on what could be a very uncertain day of sales, and as an aside, a huge thank you from Carlson to the community of St. Hilaire, for embracing and supporting the change in ownership, with the (now private) grill / bar and off-sale open daily at 10am, no grill or bar Sundays, but the Off-Sale will be available, at least this Sunday, beginning at 11am.

Although they won’t be open this Sunday, Falls Liquor will be open the Independence Day Holiday, this Forth of July.