Celebration at Tindolph Beach/Bill LaFave Park Tonight 05 Jul 17

To the battle cry of “Bring Back the Beach!” the city of Thief River Falls will unveil another recreational highlight for outdoors enthusiasts – a new, high tech, Kayak Launch – recently installed at Tindolph Beach – at the end of North Tindolph in Bill LaFave Park.

Mayor Brian Holmer demonstrated the new launch unit this morning, with a link to our Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/trfradio/

In all honesty, if you haven’t been to the beach this week, you really just haven’t been to the beach.

City Crews have cleared unsanitary and unsightly goose poop from the fine sand which has been  groomed into a beautiful beach area, the park itself landscaped and trimmed up into a movie-like picnic setting – the bath house cleaned and ready for a crowd.

But how to bring back the crowd?

Mayor Holmer says that is the million dollar question, with high hopes the community will give the park another chance and plenty of warm weather this week to take advantage of the play grounds, beach, basketball court and Kayak Launch starting with a celebration tonight; 6:30pm with; the Woodpicks performing, food and fun on – The Beach.

Also tonight, information on the new Community Splash Park planned for the park – with fund raising on-going and more on Facebook at Thief River Falls Splash Park Project.

Tonight’s event, free to all and everyone welcome.