Commission to Consider Comments Before Finalizing Impact Statement 13 Jul 17

The public comment period has ended on the draft environmental impact statement for Enbridge Energy’s proposed upgrade of “Line 3,” the 1960′s Legacy Line that runs through the listening area from Kittson to Clearwater County.

When asked recently if he supports the project, Governor Mark Dayton said he prefers pipeline over rail transport.

“If it’s not transferred by pipe, then it’s transferred in most cases by trains, and we’ve seen the consequences of those mishaps and the damage they’ve done.”

It is now up to the State Public Utilities Commission to consider comments from all across the listening area and Northern Minnesota before finalizing the Environmental Impact Statement, with more hearings later this fall.

In Northwest Minnesota replacement is proposed on existing right of way but east of Clearbrook the line diverts south, bordering Itasca State Park / the Headwaters of the Mississippi, drawing the opposition of environmental groups.