Missing Kids Found Safe Sunday 17 Jul 17

Thief River Falls Police called on the help of every available agency and the public, yesterday – after two young children – ages 3 and 5 – were discovered missing from their home on Circle Drive.

Deputy Police Chief Craig Mattson says the call for assistance came into Pennington County Dispatch at 7:23am, with Police and Pennington County Deputies responding, along with Fire Department Regulars and Volunteers, who swept the community, searching for the two little girls, ages 3 and 5,and their dog.

The three were found within a short but anxious 60 minutes by Police Sgt. Doug Williams, who followed the sound of dogs barking in the area of 158th Street, and found the children near a back yard chicken coop.

Deputy Chief Mattson says parents had secured outside doors, the home even outfitted with alarms, but the children still managed to wander from the house sometime after they were tucked into bed, through a garage side door.

The Cable #3 Interrupt was used to enlist the community in the search between 8 and 8:30am, with the all-clear given just minutes after the initial emergency message.