Buffer Law Committee Meets for First Time in TRF 02 Aug 17

“Common sense and consistency”, those are the words the newly formed Pennington County Buffer Law Committee said they wanted to keep in focus as options were discussed recently at the Court House in Thief River Falls.

The Committee, made up of County Commissioners, members of the Soil and Water Conservation District and the Highway Department, met for the first time Tuesday to discuss how to move forward with making County policy on State Buffer Laws. 

Committee member Don Jenson, called Buffer Law “unfamiliar territory,” the committee taking a wait and see attitude on certain issues, to create a sense of uniformity with neighboring counties.

While no one has been officially selected to oversee, investigation of non-compliance, the committee hopes to model Buffer Law policy after other County ordinances and procedures. 

The Committee discussed the possibility of having a technical evaluation panel decide which cases would need to be brought before the County Board of Commissioners.  

While not much has been set in stone at this point, compliance determination duties have fallen on the County Board, who plan on handling enforcement on a parcel by parcel and case by case basis.

The committee plans to draft a recommendations document at the next Buffer Law Enforcement Committee meeting, to be held Thursday August 31st, 7:30 AM at the Pennington County Court House in Thief River Falls. That document will then be presented to the County Board to bring to a public listening session, yet to be scheduled.