Lack of Rain is Causing Dangerous Conditions 15 Aug 17

You must have noticed, it’s dry in North West Minnesota.

Roseau, Karlstad and Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge weather stations have not recorded a quarter-inch rain event over the last 30 days.  Most of the Warroad area got less than 1 inch of rain in the last month.

Warroad Area Forestry supervisor Adam Munstenteiger reports the Department of Natural Resources has responded to seven wildfires in the last week.  The majority of the fires were accidentally started by farm equipment.  The DNR is reminding people to be cautious with any outdoor projects, such as mowing.  Check fire rings and recently burned brush piles and make sure they are “out cold.”

Good judgement should prevail when considering any fire source, including cooking grills, welding torches or other equipment, or when driving ATVs and other vehicles on grassy trails or roads.