Public Voices Objections Over Economic Development Authority 16 Aug 17

Business owners in particular said “NO.”

At a regular meeting of the Thief River Falls City Council Tuesday, a public hearing was held concerning the city’s plan to establish an economic development authority.  The position would have the authority to bond and to levy property taxes.

One of the protestors was Don Stewart, who held a position of economic development director along with other duties for the city for a number of years.  Stewart said the position only took about a quarter of his time and was not worthy of a full time position.  He went on to say he was a taxpayer and did not need to see additional taxes.

Other members of the public included Chamber of Commerce director Ashley Nerhus, former mayor Jim Dagg, Tom Greelis and several others who all voiced objections.  They were of the same mind, that there were other options the city could  follow and by raising taxes again would take money out of the people’s hands, money that could be spent in the town’s businesses to keep the economy going.