Samples Reveal E. coli Present at Beach 17 Aug 17

The City of Thief River Falls was correct in shutting down the beach at Bill LaFave Park.

Corey Hanson, Water Quality Coordinator for the Red Lake Watershed District, collected three samples of water on Monday.  He reports that results of testing on the water samples conducted by RMN Laboratories indicated E. coli bacteria is present.

According to Hanson,  the acute standard for E. coli is 1,260.  Sample from the west side of the beach area was 2.419, Center of the Beach  was 1.4, east edge was 1.9 and the overall average was almost 1.9.

The west side measurement had the highest concentrated levels the lab can test. Hanson added there is a lot of merit the high E. coli levels is a localized problem that comes from the geese.  In other words, the water is not safe for swimming, wading, or other forms of recreation in which immersion and inadvertent ingestion of water is likely.