Tindolph Beach Sample Reveals Serious Health Risk 23 Aug 17

Not a “swim at your own risk” situation.

Mayor Brian Holmer this week, saying in no uncertain terms Tindolph Beach at Bill LaFave Park is closed, after water sampling revealed e-coli bacterial contamination that poses a serious risk to health and safety.

Water samples taken off the point area of the park found contamination all along the river bank, the result of a “perfect storm” of factors, extreme low water conditions with a dramatic lack of current in the recreational reservoir and a flock of two dozen geese that return every spring to make the park their home.

Mayor Holmer said this week it is discouraging, especially considering the beautification and “Bring Back the Beach Campaign” focused at Bill LaFave Park this summer, but he says the city does have options beginning next spring, with advice from the DNR.

Holmer says the early closing of the beach has not shaken his confidence in a plan to site a proposed Community Splash Park in that same location, and reminds residents the beach may be closed but the park remains open, that includes the new kayak launch, playground, basketball court, picnic area and rest rooms.

You can see our interview with Mayor Holmer, along with some fascinating footage highlighting the geese problem in the beach area from our new video drone, on the TRF Radio Facebook Page.