Construction Will Shut Down Portions of Highway #32 Beginning Today 25 Aug 17

Construction progress in downtown Thief River Falls is prompting some advisories to motorists beginning Monday

The need to tie infrastructure to the site of construction for the new Pennington County Justice Center will close a portion of of Highway #32, from the Thief River Falls Public Library to the Dean Foods Milk Plant, with traffic detoured north and south on Arnold Avenue.

Construction Supervisor Don Sollom says customers and employees will still be able to reach the public library from the north; Pennington Main, Dean Foods, Pennington Fast Lube, Genereux Realty and the School District Service Center from the south, the route remaining open to Local Traffic.

The street closing came as an unpleasant surprise to business owners on the effected route, who only learned of the closing last week.

Also closed beginning today; a portion of Highway #32 from 4th to 5th Streets for a similar project at Epiphany Station.

Talking with Thief River Falls Public Service Director, Mark Borseth this morning – both projects are being coordinated by 2 different private contractors with little city involvement – however Borseth says city officials were concerned that the work be completed ahead of the opening of school, just over a week away.