Dowdy Urges Producers to Become “A Student of the Crop” 13 Sep 17

He’s shattered yield records in corn and soybeans and the question he is asked more often than any other – How did you do it? and Can you do it again?

Georgia Ag Producer Randy Dowdy was the key note speaker this week as Hefty Seed in Thief River Falls hosted a local farm field day. In 2016 Dowdy harvested a field of AgriGold, Till/Strip, Till Irrigated corn that ran 521.4 bushels per acre. His UniSouth Genetics soybeans yielding just over 171 bushels per acre, shattering all previous records anywhere in the world.

Locally, that compares to corn yields that run 150 to 200 bushels per acre and soybeans that have run, in past harvests, up to 60. With current conditions, farmers could get as little as half of that this harvest season and are taking any advice they can to get the crop they want. While Dowdy told farmers Tuesday, “God has blessed me and I give him the credit,” he also advised producers to become, “a student of the crop .”

Dowdy is a first generation farmer who’s spent the last decade carefully studying seed variety and input tied to soil and tissue sampling focused on yield. Also on the agenda, television celebrity Brian Hefty, with a chance to talk about farm image and the most current controversy, over the Draft Nitrogen Rule.

It took an effort to get both men to the mike Tuesday, Dowdy had to perservere through a stormy drive and quick helicopter ride to catch a flight out Monday after Tropical Storm Irma kept most planes on the ground in Georgia. Hefty caught a flight into Minneapolis, but that meant a five hour drive to Thief River Falls and then back again yesterday to keep a round of national appearances on schedule.