MCA Testing Reveals More than Half of High-school Students are Below Proficiency in Reading 14 Sep 17

Administrators and several staff members from Challenger Elementary and Lincoln High Schools in Thief River Falls presented site plans at a recent Board of Education meeting.

Pat Marolt and Mike Weinan from CES presented the statement “One mind is great, several minds are better.”  They said the district began a strategic plan last year and they were following up with their vision.  They want to maintain a strong relationship with the students.  They want to insure the kids have a safe environment and are in the process of developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Marolt said the school is also looking at a new math series and will center around testing.

Lincoln High School principal Scott Brekke said the school offers a lot of electives for the students.  Officials at the school have looked at MCA data and are working to ensure the students have equal access to the tools they need to learn.  They have learned from MCA testing that 53% of the high-school students are below proficiency in reading.  Non-white performance in testing is inconsistent but is under-performing.  Females are outperforming males in ACT tests.  The school is looking at the block schedule and questions whether we’re still doing the right thing with the schedule. The school is also thinking about putting learning targets through innovations.