County Board Approves New Child-Protection Position 02 Oct 17

The Pennington County Board has approved a new child-protection position, to be shared jointly with the Pennington County Sheriff’s and Human Services Departments.

According to Human Services Director Ken Yutrzenka, the position will be focused on child-protection services and have an office at the Human Services Building but will also be a uniformed officer with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Department.

 Yutrzenka says he and Sheriff Ray Kuznia are working on defining just what the position will entail.

Kuznia says he believes the position will be beneficial to the County:

“We have to work hand and hand. Having a deputy to being able to know a little bit about the social services end, and know their rules and regulations that they go off of, plus know the law enforcement end, is going to be very valuable when we go out to those situations where we have to do child-removals, and dealing with some of the situations they deal with a lot.”