Weber – Latest in Las Vegas Mass Shooting 02 Oct 17

It was chaos …

Thief River Falls Radio General Manager, Jake Weber, at the scene of the worst mass shooting in US History; last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. The death toll now 58 … 518 injured, after Nevada resident – 64 year old Stephen Paddock – opened fire on spectators attending the Route #91 Harvest County Music Festival – an outdoor concert on the Las Vegas Strip.

Weber – the voice of “Wake with Jake,” weekday mornings on North Country 99.3 – had been covering the three day event for Thief River Falls Radio.

Jake says the shootings occurred during the concert’s closing performance by singer Jason Aldean; the shooter firing from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, southeast of the Las Vegas Village Outdoor concert venue.

As they slowly got control of the scene, police moved survivors; Weber among them – to the Michael Jackson Theater – all of his belongings left behind in his hotel as police secured Mandalay Bay, the concert area and adjacent properties. Weber was able to eventually return to his hotel room and locate the rest of his media team; all uninjured, with plans to fly out of Las Vegas later today.

Security concerns shut down the Las Vegas Airport for a time this morning, disrupting the remaining flight schedule. Weber had planed to return to Minnesota at 5pm Monday evening.