Howe Frustrated by 8th Street Crossing Situation 04 Oct 17

Like a situation heaven sent to make a point, a frustrated First Ward Alderman Curt Howe, stalled by the two car tail end of a train blocking the tracks on 8th Street Tuesday night; after just complaining about the all too often blocked crossing at last night’s city council meeting.

Howe says rail cars blocking the street are costing 8th Street businesses, like Erl’s Market, lost income in terms of lost customers .. with Police Chief Dick Wittenberg last night telling the council the traffic rush to the underpass on Greenwood, when motorists find the crossing blocked at 8th, is a hazard to everyone on the road.

So what can be done? Mayor Brian Holmer said Tuesday it’s time to have another conversation with CP Rail, and maybe time for motorists to make their voices heard by using the CP Rail complaint line when they find the crossing blocked – 1-800-766-7912 ..

Mayor Holmer will join Mark Alan this morning to talk about the rail situation on Open Line and last night’s city council meeting rebroadcast; in living color, tonight – beginning at 8pm on Sjoberg’s Cable Channel #13.