State Auditors Move into Court House 17 Oct 17

Strong-arming County Officials into accepting an audit they don’t want and don’t think they need; expecting a blank check from taxpayers …

State Auditor Rebecca Otto, this week sending crews from the Office of State Auditor, the OSA, to Northwestern Minnesota to begin a re-accounting of the already completed 2015 Audit provided by the independent firm of Hoffman/Philipp and Knutson.

Otto won’t say how much that will cost, and won’t detail the reasons why it needs to be done and that has left County Auditors frustrated, at the mercy of an elected official using – or abusing – her Constitutional Authority, motivated by a highly deficient accounting of the books in eight individual counties, or by a need to make political hay in her campaign for governor and ongoing fight with the State Legislature.

Either way, it is local tax payers who are picking up the bill for the four person team who moved into the Pennington County Court House yesterday – the rate believed to be right around $110 per hour – per team member – along with room and board for what is thought to be a week of work locally and more to come in St. Paul; with a check-list of demands for Auditor/Treasurer Ken Olson and his staff.

From here, OSA Teams are expected to move on next week to Red Lake Falls and Roseau.

We’ve been trying to gain some perspective; talking this week with County Officials from across the Region, including County Administrator Eric Christensen in Hallock where OSA Letters of Engagement are still waiting to be signed, as we bring you the latest on this developing story this week on Thief River Falls Radio.