Presidential Permit Granted for the Alberta Clipper 19 Oct 17

It only took five years and a change of administration, but this month Enbridge Energy was granted a Presidential Permit to at last pump Canadian Crude across the US Border on the “Alberta Clipper,” also known as Line 67.

The pipeline was finished on the Lakehead System in 2010, but without the permit, Legacy Line #3 had to be used to make the three mile border crossing. The permit issued October 10th will now allow seamless transport along the full length of Line #67 and will allow Enbridge to increase capacity on #67 to 880,000 barrels a day, including upgrades on the existing route and new pumping stations at Donaldson and Plummer.

The Alberta Clipper is one of three Enbridge pipelines that all run along the same right-of-way in Northwestern Minnesota, including; Legacy Line #3, now under PUC Review for Replacement and Enbridge Line #1; a natural gas liquids and refined products line first built in the 1950′s.

One major junction point is in Clearbrook, where Enbridge connects to the Minnesota Pipeline, which runs south to the Pine Bend Refinery in Rosemount; a portion of the suggested route for Line #3 Replacement.

The North Dakota Pipeline Company also has a connection ta Clearbrook, linking the Mandan Refinery to the Murphy Oil refinery in Superior.