Red Lake County Pipe Bomb Investigation 23 Oct 17

Details emerging in the report of “bomb making materials” found yesterday morning on land in Equality Township, Red Lake County – Northeast of Oklee ..

According to Sheriff Mitch Bernstein, the items appeared to be pipe bombs, found by the land owner in a container hidden in a rubble pile near a hunting cabin. Sheriff Bernstein says it does not appear the bombs were placed there to be detonated but in an attempt to hide and store them.

Red Lake County called on the assistance of the Bomb Squad in Grand Forks, but Duty Officers in Minnesota instead dispatched a team out of Crow Wing County, the Brainerd area, with two technicians on the scene by 4:30pm.

Bernstein says the bombs were disabled and the remainder of the property searched for explosives and other dangerous items, with evidence collected and officers clearing the scene – which was “deemed safe” by 7:30pm.

The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have been called in to investigate; with Sheriff Bernstein asking anyone who has any information as to who placed the bombs in that location to contact the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Red Lake Falls; 253-2996.