Parents Keep LHS Students Home; Attendance Effected 30 Oct 17


The School District will know more at the end of the day, but Superintendent Bradley Bergstrom said this morning it does appear many families decided to keep students home from classes at Lincoln High School today, following a threat now under investigation by Thief River Falls Police.

In an interview with our News Room last night, Bergstrom said he did not believe the threat was credible; a conversation overheard and reported to school staff; that an unidentified person planned to come into the school with a firearm tomorrow, on November 1st, with intent to do harm.

Bergstrom says the decision whether to keep students home is up to parents, with the absence handled the same as an illness. Work will need to be made up, according to the discretion of teachers.

Because of the referendum recently passed by voters; Lincoln High School has some of the best security measures available, including lock-down during the day, with all guests screened by staff. At the same time, Bergstrom told us staff is on high alert and anyone with information is urged to contact school staff or Thief River Falls Police – 681-6161.


The Thief River Falls School District this evening notified parents concerning a potential threat against Lincoln High School.

Education Correspondent Lee Richards has been following the story and says Law Enforcement has been notified with an investigation underway; a parent alert went out this evening.

School Superintendent Bradley Bergstrom says the threat may not be credible, but Bergstrom also says no one is taking any chances.

Richards says the district was notified today about the possibility that someone would be coming into the High School this Wednesday, November 1st, with a firearm and the intent to do harm, the comments apparently overheard and then reported to school staff.

Bergstrom says security measures implemented after the last school building referendum keep the building in “lock down” during the day, with the staff now on high alert and the School District working with Law Enforcement until the situation has been resolved.   

News Director Key Teeters had an opportunity to talk with Bergstrom and Police Chief Dick Wittenberg about the threat this evening, an interview you will find on our TRF Radio Facebook Page ..