County and City Leaders Begin to Determine Next Move for Economic Development 07 Nov 17

- The play to preserve hours at the International Border

- The pass to fill prime retail space

- The scrimmage to keep pace with the needs of expanding distribution and manufacturing concerns…

It is a game being played across Thief River Falls and Pennington County with plenty of good offense, but are we missing the quarterback?

That was the question recently as County Commissioners and City leaders begin to determine their next play when it comes to the job of Economic Development Coordinator and the vacancy left by Christine Anderson, who officially finished her last day on the job October 20th.

The three way partnership that funded the job unraveled over the past year, with unfavorable response  to the creation of an Economic Development Authority, which would have permanently funded the position through an additional tax levy.

May Brian Holmer says the city is “looking at options and models,” taking an unhurried approach, wanting to “get it right.” At the County Level, Auditor Treasurer Ken Olson says $10,000 has been budgeted next year for Economic Development, one third of this years funding, with no plan and no partnership to date.