Minnesota Continues Trying to Create Fatality Free Highway System 09 Nov 17

It’s called TZD, Toward Zero Deaths, a National Strategy to create a highway system free of fatalities.

Lt. Brad Norland, with the Regional Office of the Minnesota State Patrol, says that will take the combined effort of Law Enforcement, Engineers, Emergency Medical Service and Education, working together to create a safety plan focused directly on saving lives.

Even as TZD makes progress reducing speed, increasing seat-belt use and driving alcohol and substance free, Lt. Norland says distractions behind the wheel continue to take lives on the road.

Norland was recently honored with the TZD Star Award for his efforts in Northwest Minnesota.
One example of TZD progress is Operation Bright Light, making children more visible on morning school bus routes. The program implemented this year in memory of Challenger Elementary Student, Anthony Fellman.