Councilman Appeals for Support; Awareness; Early Diagnosis 10 Nov 17

The average age of diagnosis is 42, but it can effect anyone of any age or gender.

It is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; CRPS – and this week a Thief River Falls City Councilman made a very public appeal in an effort to promote awareness and early diagnosis.

Alderman Josh Hagen, who represents Thief River Falls Third Ward, used time during the Public Portion of this week’s City Council Meeting to talk about the condition that he himself was diagnosed with just last year; a dysregulation of the central and autonomic nervous system  that is destroying the lives of thousands of people across the county; including his own.

This is CRPS Awareness Week with Orange worn as the color of support; Niagara Falls one of several public sites bathed in orange Monday to bring awareness to the condition.

According to Rochester’s Mayo Clinic, the condition can develop after an injury, surgery, stroke or heart attack – the injury heals, but the pain is left behind – disproportional, relentless and debilitating; sometimes moving to other body parts. Hagen says it won’t kill you, but you may wish you were dead. Sometimes called the “Suicide Disease;” Hagen says 1 in 4 will end up taking their own life.

Officials with the Mayo Clinic say there is no cure, but improvement and remission as possible if the symptoms are recognized early; that includes continuous burning, throbbing pain in the arm, leg, hand or foot – stiffness, swelling and damage – muscle spasms and weakness.

Diagnosed last June, Hagen suffers constant pain and his doctors hold out little hope that the condition will improve. He says, however, with awareness and early diagnosis, he hopes others may not have to suffer the same fate.

Hagen’s full presentation can be seen locally, when Tuesday’s City Council Meeting is rebroadcast at 8pm on Sjoberg’s Cable Channel #13.