City Council Takes Steps to Address Property Situation 22 Nov 17

The Thief River Falls City Council last night took the first steps to address a long discussed property situation, with numerous junk vehicle and other complaints to Council and Law Enforcement in recent years.

The property, along Greenwood, belongs to John Zins, who is now requesting annexation to address failure of his home septic system by connecting to city sewer. As part of that action, Zins has made grant application to fund his share of the project and initiated the beginnings of a long requested clean-up, but that was not enough for some members of the City Council, who said the current city ordinance was not equipped enough to enforce a proper clean-up, and until clean-up is complete, no annexation should take place.

That prompted a motion to table the issue, pending an ordinance review, with City Water Superintendent Wayne Johnson requesting input from multiple committees, including Utilities.

The Zins property is in Rockbury Township, although it is surrounded by the city limits on all sides. The Rockbury Town Board discussed the situation at a recent meeting and favors annexation.

City leaders hope to address the situation with an ordinance review, new recommendation and pending action in December.