Dept of Ag Extending Wolf/Livestock Separation Fund Deadline 30 Nov 17

The State Department of Agriculture is extending the deadline to fund wolf  and livestock separation, following a late harvest in Minnesota.

The announcement was made by the MDA this week for Producers who have suffered loss or are trying to prevent wolf from preying on livestock.

The program was funded last spring by State Lawmakers, with $120,000 available in grant funds this year and a matching number next year.

Those grants can help fund the purchase of, and vaccination costs for, guard animals, installation of wolf barriers, lights and alarms, calving or lambing shelters and other measures that separate wolf and livestock populations.

Wolf preying on livestock continues to be a problem in much of the listening area, including poultry, cattle, sheep and turkey.

The USDA offers a separate program to repay producers for the livestock loss due to wolf depredation.