City Council Approves On-Sale Malt Liquor and Wine License 06 Dec 17

Customers have been asking for it and now they are stepping up to offer something different in Thief River Falls.

The Wired Bean on Highway #59 East, got approval from the City last night, to serve select wines and craft beer at their unique, coffee house location.

The Thief River Falls City Council last night approved an On-Sale Malt Liquor and Wine License for Easytack, Incorporated, doing business as the Wired Bean, a Coffee House, recently relocated to an all new location on Thief River Falls East Side.

Owner Derek Mogen says they are still working out the details but plan to offer a switched up menu with a select grouping of wines and Minnesota Craft Beers, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the New Year.

Mogen says it’s all part of a plan to expand according to customer demands, including a February Date complete complete with four course dining right around Valentine’s Day.