Dayton Unhappy with Reduction in Hours at Ports of Entry 14 Dec 17

Governor Mark Dayton has weighed in on a Federal Decision to reduce hours at two Minnesota Ports of Entry and he is not happy.

In a statement yesterday, Dayton said he is “extremely disappointed” by the US Customs and Border Protection decision, which will reduce hours at the Highway #59 border crossing at Lancaster and a second Port of Entry near Roseau beginning January 7th.

In a November 7th letter to CBP Director Jason Schmeiz, the Governor had added his voice to hundreds of local residents, businesses and government officials to protest the reduction in hours, with two public hearings last month.

This week the Federal Government said they would reduce hours, although opting for a less restrictive schedule than first proposed.

Dayton did not mince words Wednesday, and called the excuse of limited Customs and Border Protection resources “ridiculous” and a deplorable example of placing “the convenience of a public service provider ahead of the needs of the people it is supposed to serve.”