Peaceful Gathering at Enbridge Storage Yard 14 Dec 17

A peaceful gathering this week at an Enbridge Storage Yard near Cromwell, with people coming from across the country to protest the route and replacement of Enbridge Energy’s Line #3, which runs across the listening area and all of Northern Minnesota, from Kittson to Carlton County.

Calling themselves, “Water Protectors,” 100 people gathered at the site Monday, where pipe is being stockpiled in anticipation of the multi-billion dollar line, replacing the underground Legacy Line built by Lakehead Pipeline in the 1960′s.

Enbridge has been defending storage sites all along the proposed route, with pipe stacked four rows high on all of 35 acres at Cromwell. Enbridge Spokeswoman Shannon Gustafson defended staging operations, saying securing mill space, pipe production and transit can take a year-and-a-half to two years from order to delivery.

Even as Enbridge begins to set aside new line, the final order is not expected until next summer, with the pipeline company hoping to begin the project at the end of next year. In fact, communities all across the region have noticed the slow build up of staging areas, even though the project still waits on approval from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.