City Sewage Pipe Fails, Spilling Thousand of Gallons 20 Dec 17

Tens of thousands of gallons of raw sewage pouring across adjacent farmland from a breach in a forced main pipeline feeding the City Lagoons west of Thief River Falls.

It was a real mess, discovered by City Workers during a weekly inspection just after 9am last Friday, with an incident report to the State Pollution Control Agency as crews got to work to plug the leak and make repairs.

Damage, cost and clean-up has yet to be fully assessed, but the incident is likely to force the hand of the city when it comes to replacing the 3 mile line, from Oakland Park Road to the lagoons, south of Highway #1, an estimate Johnson places at some three million dollars.

The City Sewage Lagoons were first constructed in 1974. The section of 20 inch pipe that failed was laid at that time over a portion of rock, with ground shift blamed for rubbing a three inch hole in the cast iron pipe.