Differences Between Library Manager & Regional Director 29 Dec 17

An update on a story we brought you Thursday, with the Library Board meeting with legal council today over the abrupt resignations of staff, including Thief River Falls Public Library Manager, Emily Savageau.

Thief River Falls City Alderman, Gerald Brown, who sits on both the local and regional boards, says the session was called by Chair Mary Cullen and confirms mediation ordered by the Library Board earlier this year, to try to resolve differences between Savageau and Northwest Regional Director Kristi Hanson. Library workers say that did help for a time, but hostilities recently resurfaced, including concerns Savageau took directly to Thief River Falls City Officials.

We talked with Hanson Thursday, who answered the telephone at the Public Library, and told us operations in Thief River Falls were continuing as normal, confirming the resignations of Savageau and two other staff members, and saying she could not comment farther because of employee confidentiality.

As far as reports that employees who came to work were met at the door and asked for their keys, it appears it was more a situation of being immediately dismissed when resignations were offered with two weeks notice.

Although the City of Thief River Falls owns the building and provides support, including; partial funding, sidewalk / parking snow removal and cleaning, workers are employees of the Northwest Regional System.