Rogalla Moving On After 28 Years with Pennington County 29 Dec 17

He says it has been a privilege to work for the people of Pennington County, but the New Year will be a year of change for long time County Attorney, Alan Rogalla, who is moving on after 28 years.

Rogalla says the plan to move to family property in Clearwater County had been in the back of his mind for some time, with the sale of his Pennington County Farm in November, but it was an unanticipated round-robin of judge-ships and county jobs that put a new plan in play.

That included the promotion of the Beltrami County Attorney to a Judicial District 9 Judgeship, with the Clearwater County Attorney hired to fill the Beltrami County post and Rogalla interviewing for the Clearwater County position just last week, hired the same day, his letter of resignation to the Pennington County Board a week ago Wednesday.

Rogalla will stay on until the 15th of January, with the Pennington County Board advertising for and naming a new appointee to fill the remainder of Rogalla’s term and election for a New Pennington County Attorney in November.

In Clearwater County, Rogalla will also have to stand for election this year, but he said yesterday he’s going to give the post his very best and has no fear of the future, saying he can always put out “a private shingle” if an election bid falls short.