Area Producers in Rose Parade 02 Jan 18

Two Northwest Minnesota Agricultural Producers were part of an iconic American Experience yesterday, riding in the Annual New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

A hundred farmers from across the country rode on the float sponsored by Ag PhD, the Mid-West Ag Broadcast Team of Daren and Brian Hefty, including Erik Dunham of Roseau, and Alex Yaggie of Thief River Falls.

Farmers from all 50 states contributed materials to decorate and completely cover the huge float in floral, seed and other vegetative materials, the theme winning the Legacy Award and earning a detailed mention on Network Television.

We wondered about the addition of a “tow truck” in the commentary, that also include a tractor and combine and Alex said laughingly the float did struggle with momentum after the first hill, parade officials hooking up some extra support, one of 5 floats that needed a “tow” to maintain the right speed in yesterday’s procession.

Yaggie says that little bit of extra help did nothing to inhibit the experience.