CP Rail complaint line; 1-800-766-7912. 08 Jan 18

A horrendous rush hour commute Friday morning,  with more complaints into Law Enforcement Sunday evening, as motorists continue to deal with traffic delays caused by blocked rail crossings in Thief River Falls.

CP Rail Spokesman Andy Cumming blamed brake release problems in severe cold for blocked crossings as the train made what should have been a brief rail-yard stop in Thief River Falls Friday morning.

Cumming apologized and said the company regretted delays as motorists rushing to work and school flooded side streets and overwhelmed the underpass and round-about on Greenwood.

The crush of traffic resulted in two accidents; at Nora and Markley and First and Pennington – thankfully no injuries reported. No word on the cause of delays during the 6pm hour Sunday.

The situation Friday prompted a discussion concerning city infrastructure; including a second underpass on 8th Street. Public Works Director, Mark Borseth, says there is not enough distance between Atlantic and Davis to accommodate an underpass but if something could be engineered the cost could be loosely estimated at twice the expense of the 6 million dollar project on Greenwood.

As far as other traffic infrastructure already on the drawing board; a County Bridge and Round-About south of the city limits has already received State Grant Funding – and plans on the State Aid System target a bridge on the North side of the city limits; over the Red Lake River on Sherwood.

Officials say both could ease congestion on Davis, Greenwood and Pennington, although neither offers a direct solution to delays due to blocked crossings and in the mean time the number for the CP Rail complaint line is; 1-800-766-7912.