Express Meats Fire Ruled Accidental 10 Jan 18

The State Fire Marshall’s Office has ruled the cause of a fire this week at a Pennington County Business as “accidental ..”
Thief River Falls Fire Chief Marty Semanko said Tuesday no foul play is suspected in a fire Monday at Express Meats, formerly Joppru’s, in North Township ..

Fire fighters were called to the business Monday just before 11am after a passer-by noticed smoke coming from the building.

Chief Semanko says the cause was combustible materials sparked by a bathroom base-board electric heater. Semanko says the source of the fire was in a collection of cleaning rags left in a plastic garbage can in the bathroom.

The property, belonging to Stefan Kaya, sustained significant smoke, fire and water damage, but no one was inside the structure at the time of the fire; and no injuries are reported.