State Says 43 Million Needed to Fix MnLARS System 02 Feb 18

Even as State I.T. Officials demand another 43 million to fix the State’s 1 hundred million dollar “upgrade” to Minnesota’s Vehicle Licensing and Registration System – known as “MnLARS”  – staff at local Motor Vehicle Departments carry on; continuing to ask for the patience of the public as they fight system glitches with work-a rounds, 60 day permits and uncompensated overtime.

In a News Room interview; DMV officials at County Courthouses in Thief River Falls and Warren, say – even though general renewals are going much better – the state mainframe replacement, rolled out last summer, continues to be riddled with problems.

That includes adjustments in the classification of commercial trucks and farm vehicles and the transfer of vanity and specialized plates.

For transactions that do go through; Debra Benson, with the Department of Motor Vehicle at the Marshall County Courthouse says charges coming up in the system don’t always seem to be correct, off by some $20 to $30.

That concern was also echoed by Alan Morkrid, with the DMV in Thief River Falls and Morkrid says auto dealers and businesses with multiple transactions are dropping off applications, with his staff coming in early and staying late to get the work done; time they are not being compensated for.

And it seems relief could be well over a year away; State Officials saying this week – even with additional funding – they don’t expect fixes to be complete until December of 2019.