Advisory Board Denies Flyer/Social Media Accusations 02 Mar 18

They say they want to make sure “all avenues are explored for the good of the library and the community,” and add “no one has ever suggested the city or county with-hold money – reduce services or close the Thief River Falls Library ..”

That statement yesterday from Mary Cullen; Chair of the TRF Library Advisory Board; which recently voted to support research into the City’s contract with the Northwest Regional Library System, what other Public Library’s do, and how local tax dollars are used.

Cullen spoke with our News Room Thursday, wanting to set the record straight when it comes to comments being shared on social media and information being distributed as a handout this week at the circulation desk of the Thief River Falls Public Library; administered by the Northwest Regional Library System.

Last month, former Library Workers asked the Thief River Falls City Council not to let recent labor issues be “swept under the carpet,” but Cullen says the concern of her local advisory group speaks in large part to “evaluation” and local control..

Meanwhile; Kristy Hanson, with the Northwest Regional Library System; is scheduled to address the Thief River Falls City Council next week with a financial comparison of operations with and without the support of the Regional System.

That presentation Tuesday at 5:30 at City Hall, the Historic Soo Line Depot.