One More Public Hearing Concerning Middle River School Building 02 Mar 18

One more public hearing as it appears the final chapter is about to be written in the life of a Northwest Minnesota School Building.

We spoke with Greenbush Middle River School Superintendent, Tom Jerome, who confirmed a split vote of the GMR Board of Education Monday, to close the school in Middle River.

Through the years the building has been the home of the District’s Middle School, and elementary programs for the southern half of the school district, but over the past three years the School Board began moving classes to the Greenbush Campus until the building- built for more than 300 students, today houses just over 25.

Jerome says district enrollment in 1998 was 521, with 320 students in the district today.

With the Middle River Area under-represented on the School Board, the slow downsizing of the school has alienated the Middle River Community, effecting enrollment and the District’s ability to approve new operating and capitol improvement funding.

And as to the future of the Middle River School Building, Jerome says they are only at step one in the process.