Broadcast Schedule

*schedule subject to change

*games are broadcast on-air, on indicated radio station, and also on-line 



Wednesday, April 26

KTRF AM – NCTC Softball   Postponed


Thursday, April 27

KTRF AM – Softball N.Freeze at West Marshall (in Warren) 4:05pm

KKDQ – Baseball RLC at N.Freeze (in Karlstad) 4:05pm

Friday, April 28

KTRF AM – Baseball TRF at RLC (in RLF) 4:05pm

KKDQ – Softball West Marshall at RLF 4:05pm

KKAQ – Softball TRF vs. Little Falls (at DL) 12:35pm

                            TRF vs. Sartell (at DL) 2:35pm

                                     (or about 20 min. after 1st game)

Tuesday, May 2

KTRF AM Softball BGMR at RLF 4:35pm

KKDQ – Baseball West Marshall at RLC 4:05pm

KKAQ – Baseball EGF at TRF 3:35pm